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Women are saying:

"I am so thankful to have found this bag! For years I've been going through purses that I always hoped would be my perfect travel companion, but after finding Apropos bag I have donated all those other bags to our local thrift shop! I absolutely love the versatility of this bag and it has held up very well even after heavy use. My only complaint was the shoulder strap was way too long for me (I'm 5 ft tall), but it was easy for my local repair shop to cut it down to my size for me. Also, I don't know Judy personally but I found her customer service was really wonderful - very prompt, courteous and friendly. I'm still crossing my fingers that one day Apropos will be available in multiple colors!"


"This is the bag I have been looking for forever! I am a frequent cruiser and the versatility of this bag makes it absolutely perfect for travel. I was very impressed with the quality of the bag, especially the handles and the hardware. The customer service was excellent as well. Even if you always buy leather bags, you will not be disappointed by the quality here. I could not be more pleased with my purchase."

Kim P

Apropos Bag

"Hi Judy, just wanted to let you know that the bag arrived yesterday, and it was absolutely beautiful. I was so excited, I must have spent at least a good hour playing around with the handles and experimenting with all 8 styles! In addition to the stylish look I especially love how lightweight the bag is - some totes weigh a ton even when they're empty.


I'm happily using mine! With lots of travel in my life it is wonderful. And I must say it is very fashionable! I'm always proud to wear it wherever I go.


"I must first say that I am giving this glowing review without having monetary or product compensation. And I didn't know Judith until I first contacted her about buying the bag. That out of the way I LOVE THIS BAG! I am a purse fanatic, and I have an entire closet filled with my bag collection from the highest end designers to brands no one has heard of.

I was searching for a convertible bag for an upcoming trip. I loved that it would convert to a tote, a backpack, a hobo and a messenger. Most impressive was no matter the style, space was not sacrificed. 

When I first received the bag it was so light I was concerned it wouldn't hold up. But it has through TSA checks, airplane rides, and various activities. It proved to be super durable and easily convertible. The bag itself is pliable and strong and the hardware is quality. I loved being able to take the small pouch with just my phone, key, wallet and lipstick. It also serves as a great evening clutch. And I received compliments on several different styles. 

Judith has made a product that was well thought out and designed for a woman who likes options, won't sacrifice quality, and refuses to choose between form and function. Todays woman wears many hats and the Apropos bag matches all of them.

Thanks for designing something with me in mind. "


Viktoria Jean

Viktoria Jean, Blog, June 2015

Writer, novelist, globe-trotter, analyst:

APROPOS by Judith Anne Nelson

Who: Judith Anne Nelson

What: Uniquely patented bag changes into 8 classic bags every woman needs, and has the luxe appearance every woman wants!

Where: ETSY! | AproposBag

What we love: The 8-in-1 chic bag!

The owner’s story:

“It took me many years of trial and error, then patent submission, trademarks, etc., to get to the point where I found the right idea. Now I just need to find the right market!

Mine is definitely one-of-a-kind! I used to speak at conferences, and was continuously hampered by never having the right bag at the right time. I needed a roomy tote for the plane (to carry my laptop, iPad, water, etc…not to mention purse stuff), but was invariably in a mad dash to get to my meeting. Often I couldn’t even wait for my luggage to be brought to the room, so I was stuck with my tote for the day, which never looked quite right. There were luncheons when I would have preferred a smaller, sleeker bag, surprise quick shopping breaks (which I really longed for a backpack or messenger bag for hands-free retail therapy), a dash out for coffee (when I didn’t need my whole bag, just my wallet and phone), then somehow I never got a chance to go back to my hotel before my day drifted into drinks and dinner. I never seemed to have the right bag at the right time! I searched and searched, but there was no bag anywhere that could do it all.

What were my choices? I couldn’t take an armload of bags with me everywhere I went…and I would NOT give up being chic for the comfort of an old tote or backpack. When I exhausted my searches, I decided I would have to make one myself.

It took me endless trial and error sessions pinning tissues, then moving to fabric, until I hit the “ah-ha” moment. I could actually create a bag that could, not only LOOK different, but change size and shape so that it became all the different bags I needed. My dream was to carry one bag (really, only one bag!) with me wherever I traveled, or even throughout my daily routines. My favorite bags heretofore had been the Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM, the Goyard St. Louis PM, and the Bottega Veneta Intrecciato woven leather tote. But none of them did it all. I modeled the initial size of my Apropos bag after the size and shapes of the LV and Goyard bags, then the look of the Bottega Veneta.

I found that my bag was always Apropos! It began as a stylish tote with elegant woven round shoulder handles, and could then easily convert into a messenger bag, hobo, bucket, backpack, “A”-shape (a la BV), dressy smaller and sleeker bag, and cross-body, wristlet, or shoulder pouch—this last one perfect for quick trips out for coffee when you don’t need your larger bag. The zippered pouch is large enough to keep a long wallet and phone snug and secure—either clipped into any of the bag’s conversions with the handles, or worn on its own with one of the handles as a wristlet, shoulder pouch, or small cross-body bag.

I knew that with the LV and Goyard bags I felt the need to purchase custom bag-bottoms, so the bags wouldn’t sag and bottom out. I decided my bags would have to come with a finished removable bag bottom. “Apropos” seemed like the right name, because… 

For the first time ever, my suitcase was freed up for overspending on other things wherever I went—I took just the one bag, and it worked!

 I found what I believe is the perfect fabric—woven-look soft and luxurious faux leather that looks and feels almost exactly like my $3,500 Bottega Veneta bag! 

We’re now at 8 styles from the same bag, but friends have already suggested even more styles.

I say, it’s your bag–how will you wear it?”

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